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Fujifilm with Tatsuo Suzuki

Fuji Camera

Fujifilm X100V, a camera released by Fuji in February 2020, is not a model that photographers will be interested in, because it only carries the most basic video capture functions, including 4K/30p and 1080/120p, and 10-bit 4:2:2 is limited to HDMI output. The X100V camera has attracted our attention again because of the controversy it has caused, because one of its promotional videos is considered to be advocating "photographic violence".
Fuji launched a series of promotional videos simultaneously when the new plane was released. One of the videos, entitled "My Milestone", introduced Japanese street photographer Tatsuo Suzuki. To be honest, the photographer's temperament is not very good.



Of course, it is not advisable to judge people by their appearance. It is his way of creation that really disgusts people. In the publicity video, Suzuki's behavior was very offensive - he walked on the street holding the camera in one hand, blocking people's way at will, and pressed the shutter in front of passers-by with the camera, which can almost be seen as a "rude behavior" in public.
We can see that passers-by will make subconscious actions such as lowering their heads, turning around, running quickly, and even blocking when they are photographed.
This video of Fuji is believed to be praising this kind of behavior, which has caused widespread anger and condemnation. Under pressure, Fuji deleted the video. But the network has memory. You can still see the archive of the video from other channels than the official.

Tatsuo Suzuki

▲ Camera Make:FUJIFILM,Camera Model:X100T, Aperture:F16,Exposure Time:1/500 sec,Focal Length:23.0 mm,ISO:3200,Exposure Bias:0,Shooting Mode:Manual,Flash:Flash did not fire, auto,Metering Mode:Multi-segment,Sensor Type:2

Tatsuo Suzuki

▲ Camera Make:FUJIFILM,Camera Model:X100T, Aperture:F10.9,Exposure Time:1/1000 sec,Focal Length:23.0 mm,ISO:3200,Exposure Bias:0,Shooting Mode:Manual,Flash:Flash did not fire, auto,Metering Mode:Multi-segment,Sensor Type:2

You can't feel this discomfort just by looking at Tatsuo Suzuki's photography.

These images were taken one second before people responded. This short sense of dullness and helplessness, coupled with the high contrast of black and white photos, together created the texture of the photos. People admire the beauty of street photography, but ignore the rationality of the creation process. Photographers are encouraged, which further highlights this phenomenon. In fact, many people inadvertently become advocates of "photography hooligans".
When the photographer was exposed behind the scenes and felt offended, people realized that these so-called master works were just the reflection of the photographer himself, not the real reflection on the street, which was not what critics called "breaking the boundaries" and "creating insight" at all.
Does Tatsuo Suzuki know that his behavior will cause trouble? He said in the interview that his invasion of space caused a person's sense of tension due to the invasion of private space, and the subtext was that this was the effect he wanted. He was fully aware of his disgust, but still thought the photos were reasonable. He is very precise about the timing. Before the other party gets angry or even decides to give him a punch, he can walk away as if nothing happened at the right time. Of course, his strange behavior has also attracted the attention of the police, but in this case, it is only a few words of warning at most. He has never been denied, and only gained the honor brought by his works.
The terrible thing about this behavior is that it is too easy to be imitated. In the era of smart phones, it seems that everyone can take street photos like Suzuki, which is a very terrible thing. No one wants to walk on the road and be harassed by inexplicable photographers, or even cause public security incidents.
"I thought that if I were given one more time, I would also hope to fight for my own life. Even if the secular people think my decision is a silly thing, even if there is 99% chance of failure and only 1% chance of success, I would put all my hopes in this 1%. It is possible that I would lose everything, but I will not regret it. I think that if there is no challenge in life, I would live in the same place every day, so that my life would be It makes me regret this life. "
This is how Tatsuo Suzuki describes his life.
Speaking of Tatsuo Suzuki's photography style, there is nothing special about Japan. Based on the high contrast of Senshan Avenue, he chose to resign in pursuit of his photography ideal, which is a very common thing in his pursuit of an ideal life.
"At first, I only took pictures of those homeless people, because their appearance had a great influence on me. When I knew how they became homeless, the influence became stronger. That is why I kept recording for several years."
And when he is on the streets of the city, he will inevitably meet crowds of people. Then there must be some kind of contradiction: holding the camera and walking in the street, thinking about the record of the oncoming face, while personal real joy, sadness and pain are left aside.
So people will think, is such a surprise a way of photography? It records the moment the photographer wants, but it is also a misinterpretation of the moment of the subject.
After Fujifilm X100V was released by Fuji, Suzuki Dafu was officially pushed to the forefront. On the promotional video "My Milestone", he recorded the documentary of his works. In the video, he performed his own street sweeping behavior, and inserted the lens into the line of sight of passers-by in the form of "intrusive" and "aggressive" shooting. They were at a loss or panic.
Due to the intense response from the masses, Fuji has withdrawn the endorsement status of Suzuki Dafu.
Then the audience said: I don't like his practice, but I like his works.
Such contradictions still exist in many photographic acts.

Let's put aside the controversy of photography itself. Fuji X100v is also a good camera. At the end of the article, we will enjoy a group of pictures taken by Tatsuo Suzuki in the street through video.


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  • It’s not good to judge people by their appearance.
    In fact, the photos taken by Suzuki are quite good, and it is true that there is such a method in street photography, which is controversial and difficult to grasp the discretion.
    Compared with the real street photography, Fuji’s operation this time probably wants to cater to the imagination and feelings of the beautiful street photographers that people imagine.


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