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windmup founder

20 years ago, when I went to college, I fell in love with photography. Later, after graduating from college, I became a newspaper photographer. This is the sixteenth year I've been doing this job. I love her very much. It was about 1999, when I started using the Nikon F3 camera I borrowed from my photography teacher. I'm thinking about a problem. Its straps are strong, but, but... Its style is really too mediocre. So, I've always wanted to change it. 6 years ago, I finally got started. I started trying to make a different camera strap. They have leather, climbing ropes, and woven ones. So here's what you see in my store. They don't have to be perfect, but they're 5 years of hard work. They are unique. I hope you'll like it.

windmup founder

This is me 20 years later. My weight has increased by 20 kg.

windmup handmade rope camera strap

Zhang Xiaoshuang is making a handmade rope camera wristband in the studio.

Windmup handicraft camera strap studio has been working since 2013.To date, we have provided purely hand-crafted camera straps and wristbands for 5,000+ photographers. We mainly make leather and rope camera straps. Our main raw materials are vegetable tanned leather, mad horse leather, grain leather, climbing rope and umbrella rope. By hand dyeing, punching, bonding, stitching and knitting steps to complete the production. At present, there are only two people in our studio. I am the founder and an assistant, Zhang Xiaoshuang. We work seven days a week and can make about 25-35 handmade camera straps. This includes leather camera straps, camera wristbands, rope camera straps, and braided camera straps. In 2017, we registered the "windmup" trademark. Through six years of hard work, our studio has been improving. Our production level is also gradually improving.