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5 minutes to identify leather, will never be deceived

Hello everyone. Windmup talks about how to distinguish between genuine and fake leather today.
According to our custom, every year we will match our favorite camera with a new camera strap. Especially the pure leather camera strap, compared to the original strap of Canon and Nikon and Lycra. The leather camera strap is even more popular with everyone. But many people do not know how to identify the real leather, so that they often buy fake leather straps. Today, I will introduce how to identify cows. I hope to help everyone.

  •  Ignited with fire. Correct. This method is the simplest and straightforward. The real leather burning of There is a burning smell of head hair. (haha, this is a little terrible). There is a strong odor. The burned leather does not scab and can be easily lightened with your fingers. Knead into powder. However, if the fake leather is lit, you can smell the pungent plastic burning odor, and after burning, the fake leather will condense into a hard crust like plastic.

  • It is also a good idea to look with your eyes. It is mainly used to identify the type of leather and the quality of leather grain. Observing the surface of the dermis has more obvious pores and patterns, and the back surface has obvious villi. If the CMC is processed, it will have a smooth feeling. Just like your belt. The fake leather is described below. No matter how imitate. On the opposite side, there is a layer of similar textiles as the bottom plate. This textile bottom plate is used to increase its tensile strength, and the reverse side of the dermis does not have this layer of textiles.

  • touch the surface of the leather if smooth, soft, full and elastic, fingers easily left scratches and imprints. In fake leather, the surface is hard and dense, and it is generally difficult to leave scratches. This can basically be conclude that It is not really leather.

windmup leather camera straps

  • natural leather has a very strong fur flavor, even if processed, the taste is also more obviously. The fake leather has a plastic taste and no fur.

windmup best leather camera strap

  • most of the leather can see small pores, of course, some leather will have larger pores. Fake leather can hardly see pores, or the surface of the surface is smooth, or there is a very neat line.

      Windmup studied photography for 20 years and produced manual camera straps for 5 years. The above is my little experience. I hope to be useful to you.

       My English is very poor. Still learning. If you have any questions that do not understand. Welcome to ask questions. If there are other mistakes in my narrative, please point out. I will modify it in time. Looking forward to the next update. The latest camera straps please click here.

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