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About the use of windmup coupon

Hello everyone. Windmup's hand-made camera straps coupons have been launched for some time. You can save 8% by using it. But I found that every buyer didn't use coupons. What's the problem? I am also puzzled. So launch this tutorial.

  • First, when you open the windmup.com web page, you will automatically pop up the coupon window.

  • If you fill in your email address or follow me on INS, the system will automatically generate the discount code.

  • After filling in the relevant contents, click jion or follow. The system will automatically pop up the contents of the discount code.

  • Then click Copy. You can use it on the checkout page.

    • Currently only 8%. Because the original price is far lower than my price on Etsy and Amazon. Preferential time as of January 20th, you remember to use, do not waste.

    • If you forget the discount code, you can click on the lower left corner of the screen to find it.

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