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about Windmup leather camera wrist strap


Windmup's leather camera straps are all made of high-quality, plant-tanned leather. For example, this leather camera wristband. Its thickness is about 3-3.5 mm. When we cut it into strips, it looked a bit stiff. We will probably carry out three softening processes: leather treatment agent, horse oil, and hand-bending. After these procedures, it will become softer.

When you use it often, it will become soft and the surface will be more and more shiny. Undoubtedly it is durable.

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Is the dark green wax line wristband also very beautiful?

This year is the fifth year, I made them. My team currently has an assistant. Her name is Xiaoshaung. It is very hard. improve rapidly. If you have any good suggestions for my product. Do not hesitate to contact us.

yours Dai

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