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How important it is to choose the right camera strap for you.

One of the most important parts of the camera accessories is the camera strap. Many people think that the camera strap is just an ornament, so it is always beautiful to choose which one to choose. In fact, the role of the camera strap is great, and the choice of practical is the best.
One day, you will suddenly get tired of the original color and style of the original strap, so I began to look for a beautiful and personalized camera strap. If many girls choose between appearance and performance, they will not hesitate to vote for the appearance. a ticket. In view of such a vast market, many manufacturers have begun to produce many beautiful straps for individual youth, including many good-quality straps with good looks.
After reading these straps, I believe that many friends who hold retro cameras will hesitate, especially the beautiful straps are too fancy, and the retro camera is not suitable, and the highly practical strap is not suitable for themselves. Then I suggest that these friends may wish to consider the thin strap of the leather, whether it is Fuji or Olympus, whether it is Leica or Rollei, a low-key luxury connotation narrow strap or wristband is definitely yours No choice.
Many of the professional camera friends have the requirements for the camera strap: comfortable enough and safe enough. Because the equipment in their hands is going to be tens of thousands of yuan. If the strap is not strong enough, the equipment will definitely be distressed, and the expensive equipment will not be too light, so the strap that is not comfortable enough can not be allowed. of. Of course, comfort and safety are the most basic conditions for the strap.

Below, let's take a look at how to buy a strap with good performance and appearance.

Camera strap for retro cameras:

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