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Sleeping with Leica for only $100?

On June 15th, the Leica camera celebrated the opening of its new Park in Wetzler. About 1,000 invited guests will attend the official opening ceremony. The Park is located in Leitz Park, Germany's camera headquarters, including the arcona Living Ernst Leitz Hotel, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH lens development headquarters building, office buildings, museums, archives, shops and colleges.

Leica stated on his official website that the hotel "shows Leica's world in a variety of ways." The hotel offers 129 rooms, apartments and suites. The most important feature is the interior design elements with Leica cameras and photography. A total of more than 250 works by 60 photographers are hung in the hotel. In addition, the walls of some rooms are also decorated with Leica camera design sketches.

Informed netizens revealed that the hotel's lowest price is less than 100 US dollars. Leica’s loyal fans. Who should try it first?

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