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In 2018, my wife and daughter are at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, China.

Winmup handheld camera straps have been around for seven years. As a newspaper photographer. The first two years. I've been running some simple camera accessories. Of course, including camera straps. They are pipeline products. They are hard to satisfy.

So in the fall of 2013. I came up with the idea of making my own camera strap.

At the very beginning. I have experienced countless failures. Finally, 10 months later, I sold my first camera strap on the internet. It's hard to forget. Now look back. How naive the product was then. Now this listing is off the shelf. My Think pad computer was damaged several years ago. I can't even find its picture.

Come all the way. This year is the sixth year that I have made a handmade camera strap. Time past quickly.

In the past six years, many things have happened. There are pleasant and frustrating. From customers, from products. But all I can do is take every customer seriously. Complete every order carefully. Stick to pure manual work. I can't make any progress without you.

Some time. I will stick to it. Until the day the camera disappeared.

The following is from customer reviews. I keep them on my blog. As a remembrance of the future.

handmade camera strap

C’est la deuxième que je commande. La première c'était en août 2017, Sangle corde noir et cuir brun pour un X-T2 Fuji. Le sérieux, la rapidité et la qualité, mon fait recommander une deuxième de couleur rouge du plus bel effet. Merci beaucoup à Xiaojie Dai

That's the second I'm ordering. The first was in August 2017, black rope strap and brown leather for an X-T2 Fuji. The seriousness, the speed and the quality, my fact recommend a second of red color of the most beautiful effect. Thank you very much to Xiaojie Dai
Marisa Leiman on Apr 11, 2019 :Wow! Super strong and well made!! If I get another camera I’m absolutely coming back here to get another cord!!
Jeff DeGeorgia on Apr 7, 2019 :Wow, thank you! I appreciate your fast responses and willingness to customize the order. The strap looks great!
Olya on Apr 6, 2019:Great quality strap! The seller was very responsive and helped pick the right size. There was extra hardware included in the package. Shipping to NY took a little while as expected. If I get another camera or they start making other items, like bracelets or something I'd definitely be interested!
tressamira on Mar 30, 2019:I absolutely love these camera straps!! This is the second one I’ve purchased from here & I will continue to buy more! Amazing quality!!
paul hunter on Mar 5, 2019:Love the strap! As described.
nsapulete on Mar 4, 2019:Thank you so much for the camera strap. The quality is very nice and the length is perfect for me. I will post a picture today
simmonscrane on Feb 28, 2019:Very well made with quality materials -- love it.

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