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Windmup camera strap supports any form of customization

Today is the weekend. The daughter is about to take the final exam. So she went to school today. Today my assistant did not come and I was a bit busy. The picture is a result of more than 3 hours of work in the morning. Two camera straps and a camera wristband. One of the camera straps is a personal customization of a certain gentleman/woman. "capella". I thought this was a name. But Wikipedia says he is a bright star. I learned a little more knowledge.
Speaking of the topic. Windmup supports private ordering. Tell me your request. I will try to meet. Next time I will introduce my friend Mr. Brady. He runs an antique camera shop on Etsy. He has customized many camera straps from me, and his idea is cool. They are used to decorate its retro camera.
If you have any needs, please click here. Or email me.I will do it as much as possible.

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