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Windmup's handmade camera straps FAQ

Are we made of pure hand?

Yes. From the first day of the birth of windmup. We insist that each process is purely manual. It does not support any automatic machines or even sewing machines.

Where do our raw materials come from?

Windmup's main raw materials include leather, climbing rope, parachute rope, wax line.
The leather is all from Italy and Japan. They are of good quality. Can be used for decades.
The climbing rope is from Zhejiang Province, China. In China, there are hundreds of factories that produce climbing ropes. We only choose the best of them. They are very soft, but their load-bearing capacity can reach 2.7 tons. Of course this is for the camera. It doesn't make sense at all.
Our woven camera straps and wristbands. All use two millimeters of parachute rope. They are also from Zhejiang, China.

Why do you want to come here to buy?

This is the fourth branch of windmup. Since 2013 we have sold 4500+ hand-made camera strap on line. I did not get any neutral and negative comments. Now, the biggest discount for windmup is here.

Does my camera strap support personal customization?

Fully support. This is the biggest difference between pure handcrafted and factory production lines. Windmup supports full manual customization, including camera strap length, material, color, logo and any requirements you can think of. If it is only a small scope of modification, usually we do not charge any additional fees.

How long is our handling time?

Currently our team only has founder Dai and his assistant Shuang. Work about 10 hours a day. 8-10 camera straps can be made every day. Usually after you pay, we will ship it within 1 business day.

which camera strap is best for dslr?

This is the concern of every person in the Google search camera strap. It's really simple. The camera is a pipelined product. They are very similar. The most special camera strap is the most suitable for DSLR. This will make your camera different. Windmup fully supports manual customization, and he can achieve your ideal.

Where else can I see your hand-made camera strap?

This is a new store for windmup. Besides here, you can also see our products on eBay, Etsy and Amazon.
Mr. Brady of Etsy (camera strap store near me)is also selling the camera strap we made. He is in the United States. American and Canadian friends can buy them at its second-hand camera store, and he can deliver them quickly.

What type of leather do you use?

Our products use mainly leather as follows: bridle leather, vegtanned Italian leather and Italy horse oil and leather(In China, it is called mad horse leather).

How do I clean my strap?

Our camera straps are divided into two main materials: leather and rope.
Usually. Leather camera strap is similar to your leather shoes. You can buy Leather special horse oil on the Amazon, and of course you can use transparent shoe oil and apply them to the front of the leather, usually maintained in 3-6 months.
And the rope camera strap can be washed or dry cleaned directly with brush, and they will become the same as new ones. Please note that the top leather does not like water, please try not to make them wet.

How long can your camera strap be used?

Windmup's camera strap is all made of high quality materials. It includes leather, rope, metal rings and wax lines. Because. Dai is a photographer with 20 years of experience. He knows what is most important for a camera strap. Our camera strap can last for many years. Please be assured of this

Will I have to pay customs and duties?

We do not charge any tariffs and other taxes. Of course, we also note that some countries in the European Union now levy some taxes and fees on imported commodities. But in most countries, the value of our goods is far from enough. If your country has relevant regulations, please comply with the regulations.

How do I use coupons?

This problem is explained in detail in my blog. Please click here.

It needs to be explained that this preferential deadline is January 20, 2019, please use it in time.